2 kinematics of a rigid body

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2: Rigid-Body Rotation

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Rotational Motion of a Rigid Body

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In mechanical engineering, a kinematic chain is an assembly of rigid bodies connected by joints to provide constrained (or desired) motion that is the mathematical model for a mechanical system. As in the familiar use of the word chain, the rigid bodies, or links. A rigid body can have two different type of motion.

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They are translation or rotation about fixed axis. In a previous article I discussed translation. Instead in this article I will focus on rotation about a fixed axis. Properties of Rigid Body Motion. In the following, we identify two properties of the motion of rigid bodies that simplify the kinematics significantly.

In order to do this, observe that an arbitrary rigid body motion falls into one of the three categories. J. Peraire, S. Widnall Dynamics Fall Version Lecture L25 - 3D Rigid Body Kinematics In this lecture, we consider the motion of a 3D rigid body. Equations of motion for a rigid body.

Angular Momentum of a rigid body in plane motion. Plane motion of a rigid body.

Rigid body

; ; Plane Motion of Rigid Bodies: Energy Methods. CHAPTER 2. KINEMATICS 23 Kinematics of a rigid body The description of motion isrelative.

Any velocity or acceleration is expressed with .

2 kinematics of a rigid body
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EN4 Notes: Kinematics of Rigid Bodies