An introduction to the geography and culture of mauritania

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Human Geography: A Concise Introduction

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Lessons in this chapter include everything you'll need to begin your study of the relationship between the. Jan 12,  · Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture features beautifully designed maps, dozens of vibrant photographs taken by the author team, and author and guest field notes that help students see how geographers read cultural landscapes and use fieldwork to understand places.

A newly designed demographic data table Format: Hardcover. Mauritania's geography and landforms, including information on the Sahara Desert, Kediet Ijill - by Introduction:: MAURITANIA ; Background: Independent from France inMauritania annexed the southern third of the former Spanish Sahara (now Western Sahara) in but relinquished it after three years of raids by the Polisario guerrilla front seeking independence for the territory.

Geography - note: Mauritania is considered both a.

Geography of Mauritania

Mauritania, country on the Atlantic coast of Africa. Mauritania forms a geographic and cultural bridge between the North African Maghrib (a region that also includes Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia) and the westernmost portion of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Human Geography: People, Place, and Culture, 11th Edition

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An introduction to the geography and culture of mauritania
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