Anti animal testing of body shop

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Behind the Label: The Body Shop’s ‘Against Animal Testing’ Campaign

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Anti-Animal-Testing Billboards by The Body Shop Now in Times Square

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Additionally, Shatzman highlighted that animal testing is both expensive and ineffective, only predicting the human reaction to cosmetics “40 to 60% of the time”. British beauty company The Body Shop has taken a stance against animal testing with it Forever Against Animal Testing campaign.

Body Shop adheres to the strict humane cosmetics standard, which requires a company to prove it does not conduct or commission animal testing by applying a fixed cut-off date (in the case of body. The Body Shop are campaigning to end animal testing worldwide.

The company recently launched their first ever out-of-home campaign, including billboards in Times Square, to encourage the public to join their fight against animal testing in cosmetics. While individual brands like The Body Shop have been calling for the beauty industry to stop animal testing for years and bans on the practice have already been enacted in countries from Norway to.

The Body Shop have successfully manufactured an image of being a caring company that is helping to protect the environment and indigenous peoples, and preventing the suffering of animals - whilst selling 'natural' products. It won't be far off-track to say that animal testing is not the most reliable method of proving the safety of our drugs.

For instance, we have this drug that has been safely tested on animals. It has passed all the trials, on the basis of which it has been deemed safe for human consumption.

Anti animal testing of body shop
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Investigating The Ethics Claims Behind The Body Shop