Artifacts and illuminations critical essays on loren eiseley

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Artifacts and Illuminations, the first full-length collection of critical essays on the writing of Eiseley, situates his work in the genres of creative nonfiction and nature writing. The contributing scholars apply a variety of critical approaches, including ecocriticism and.

Loren Eiseley () is one of the most important American nature writers of the twentieth century and an admired practitioner of creative nonfiction. A nati.

Artifacts & illuminations : critical essays on Loren Eiseley

Biography. MA, University of Delaware. BA, Binghamton University. "Artifacts and Illuminations: Critical Essays on Loren Eiseley" (University of Nebraska Press), "Critical Insights: Barbara Kingsolver" (Salem Press) and "The Blueline Anthology" (Syracuse University Press).

Excerpt from Artifacts and Illuminations: Critical essays on Loren Eiseley, edited and with an introduction by Tom Lynch and Susan N. Maher (PDF) Returning Insight to Storytelling: Science, stories, and Loren Eiseley An essay exploring Eiseley's memoir All The Strange Hours: The Excavation of a Life.

Susan Naramore Maher, B.A. ’77, co-edited a new collection of critical essays on writer Loren Eiseley. The book is entitled Artifacts and Illuminations: Critical Essays on Loren Eiseley. Maher also contributed a chapter, “The Places Below: Mapping the Invisible Universe” in Loren Eiseley’s Plains Essays.

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Artifacts and illuminations critical essays on loren eiseley
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