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Trump’s daily schedule v Obama and Bush

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Comparing Donald Trump and Barack Obama's inaugural crowd sizes

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Bush VS Obama

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Cozy 2 shows that by this had completed. Jan 30,  · Watch video · The Obama administration’s actions were limited to one country and in response to a specific threat — the potential for other Iraqi refugees to take advantage of a flaw in the screening process.

We compared the length of service of the most high-profile departed Trump staffers with people in the same role in the administrations of President Barack Obama and President George W Bush.

Compared to George W. Bush and Obama, Trump Doesn't Micromanage. President George W. Bush spoke with his military commander in Iraq nearly every week. Obama. Obama expanded on everything Bush did. *Bush started the drone program.

Obama expanded the drone program and signed for them over our skies. *Bush gave them the right to tap a phone number, without a name. Obama expanded the NSA and gave them the right to record our phone calls and e-mails, without warrant.

PolitiFact, How does Trump White House turnover compare to Bush, Obama?, Aug. 4,, Why is Trump’s staff turnover higher than the 5 most recent presidents?, Jan. 19, The Obama administration record compares to 24 cases filed by the Bush administration during its eight years in office and 68 cases filed by the Clinton administration between Januarywhen.

Compare bush and obama
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