Concepts of similarity and complementarity in romantic relationships

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Symmetrical and Complementary Relationships

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Human sexuality

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This suggests that while similarity appears to play a strong role in initial attraction generally and more specifically in terms of personality traits, complementarity of needs and roles also appear to play a strong role in relationship continuation and success in ongoing relationships.

References: Pilkington, C., Tesser, A., & Stephens, D. (). A summary of Attraction in 's Social Psychology. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Social Psychology and what it means.

This similarity is seen not only between romantic partners but also between friends. Some researchers have suggested that similarity causes attraction. Some researchers study the. conceptoftheindividualandhowthatself-conceptmightbe influentialintheselectionandtheperceptionofromantic partners. ComplementarityNeedsHypothesis Thephrase"oppositesattract"haslongbeenapieceof

In healthy complementary relationships, the pattern of each person’s behavior fits or is complementary to the other. Sometimes this is expressed as a division of labor where one person takes on a project while the other provides support for that person’s success which makes the other person more successful which is then supported by the other.

Students will be expected to: demonstrate knowledge and understanding of psychological concepts, theories, research studies, research methods and ethical. Three studies were conducted to extend the Self-Evaluation Maintenance (SEM) model to romantic relationships.

Subjects in all three studies indicated the importance of sixty-eight activities to themselves and, in Studies 2 and 3, to their partners.

Concepts of similarity and complementarity in romantic relationships
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