Congenital and aquired disabilities essay

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Custom Neonatal Acquired and Congenital Disorders Essay

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Congenital and Acquired Abnormalities of the Corpus Callosum: A Pictorial Essay

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Introduction. Congenital disabilities are those that are present at birth. Because the nature of their acquisition differs from that of disabilities acquired later in. Physical disabilities can be either congenital or acquired after birth as a result of accident of disease.

Examples of physical disabilities include orthopaedic impairments, health impairments (such as a heart conditions), rheumatic fever, asthma, haemophilia, motor coordination and mobility impairments.

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Acquired disabilities are conditions caused any time following birth. These conditions could be caused by illness (such as meningitis) or a traumatic event (such as a car accident).

Sometimes acquired disabilities are more difficult for. Congenital and aquired disabilities. Topics: Disability, This essay will provide a definition of the social model of Disability as opposed to the bio medical model and discuss briefly the paradigm shift that has taken place in terms of the research.

A congenital disability is a medical condition which you are born with. Congenital disorders are caused by development problems with the foetus before birth, congenital disorders are also genetic and can be passed down from one or both parents.

A congenital disability is a medical condition which you are born with. Congenital disorders are caused by development problems with the foetus before birth, congenital disorders are also genetic and can be passed down from one or both parents.

Congenital and aquired disabilities essay
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