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HOW TO WRITE AN ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY If you are looking for argumentative essay examples here is a great one instituteforzentherapy.comon: N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, Disposable Pens Are No Small Problem. According to the EPA, Americans throw away billion disposable pens every year. Add the rest of the world, multiply by over 50 years of writing with disposable pens, and that’s a lot of metal and plastic waste ending up in landfill!

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Nov 09,  · Below is a list of the 20 most common IELTS essay topics that appear in writing task 2 with subtopics. Although the essay questions change, the subject of the essays often remains the same.

Oct 06,  · Conclusion: Living a Healthy Diet for the Rest of Your Life Posted on October 6, November 30, by Intentblog Team The more we eat healthy, the less natural it feels to reach for a piece of cookie or a bag of chips when we get hungry. Read the IELTS junk food essay. Recent research shows that the consumption of junk food is a major factor in poor diet and this is detrimental to health.

- Controversy Over the Atkins Diet After much research on the Atkins diet, I have come to the conclusion that, although the Atkins diet has its positive aspects, there are far more negative aspects to this diet.

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