Life and debt response

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Life and Debt Response

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I worked for Bankers Life and Casualty Company for two months.


I resigned from the company because of ethics issues I witnessed. Earlier this year, Bankers sent me a notice telling me that I owed over $ for canceled policies.I requested information as to what policies were canceled, did my trainer who received half of the commission, have to return the money also, and finally, were the.

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Life and Debt is a feature-length documentary which addresses the impact of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and current globalization policies on a developing country such as Jamaica.

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1 through Oct 06,  · Before watching the film Life and Debt I knew nothing about the specific effects of globalization in Jamaica. What I did know about globalization was limited to a general understanding of how the global market was manipulated by economic superpowers to exploit cheap labor from impoverished countries.

It seems that in the documentary, Life and.

Life and debt response
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