Nursing health care and nurses essay

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Nursing profession is an indispensible part of the healthcare system and the opportunities for a nursing career are limitless, one may choose from a number of career paths, including clinical. Essay Telenursing: Nursing and Home Health. Telenursing the Future Is Now Trishana Mcintosh Chamberlain University Telenursing The Future Is Now “.

What impact on patient outcomes do nurses have?

45 percent of patients prefer phone communication while 49 percent prefer email communication. Nurses have a vital role in health promotion in all health care settings, be it at home, in a clinic, hospital, or out in the community.

It is important for the nurse to understand that health promotion is not only for the healthy but also for individuals that are disabled, have a chronic disease or are dying.

Nurses have an impact in the outcome of the patient at all stages of the nursing care; assessment, nursing diagnosis and management of the problem. Nurses play a critical role in accumulating patients’ health knowledge and analysis.

A nursing shortage is not just an organizational challenge it has a major negative impact on health care Failure to deal with a nursing shortage will lead to failure to maintain or improve health care There has been an increase need for more registered nurses in hospitals due to rising acuity of patients and shorter lengths of stay.

The center of the health care system will be changed to primary care and prevention and will allow more advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) to take on the primary care role.

Nurses will expand their scope of practice and increase their responsibilities through teaching and counseling patients about their health care problems.

Nursing health care and nurses essay
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Essay Sample On The Impact That Nurses Have On Patients