Reading writing and arithmetic victorian

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Education in the Workhouse

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Victorian Era Children’s Education Facts

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The four R’s: Reading, writing, arithmetic and RESPECT

Middle class children were often sent to church schools where they were taught the 3R's (reading, writing and arithmetic) and given religious and moral instruction. The children spent a lot of time copying work from the blackboard into their 'copy' books, or onto slates.

From am to noon, and then from to pm, the three R's - reading, writing, and arithmetic, were the subjects focused upon in school. Slates were used instead of paper, although pen and ink was used in copybooks to learn handwriting.

Victorian classrooms were massive. The pupils sat at framed desks.

Athletic Arithmetic: Division Word Problems

All of the children had a good view of the teachers blackboard. In the walls of the classrooms, there were maps and pictures.

‘Biggest anti-bullying program in Australia’ announced

The term the “three Rs,” is attributed to an Englishman, Sir William Curtis, who gave a toast in referring to the 3 Rs: reading, writing, and reckoning (a Victorian term for being able to mental arithmetic).

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic! Year 5 experienced a Victorian Day at school yesterday. It helped them understand what it was like for children back then - using slates, practising their handwriting using ink, rote learning, having to wear the dunce hat and doing drills.

'Book-learning' (reading, writing and arithmetic) was an extra." "Life for poor people living during Victorian Times." "There is a dangerous trend that is sweeping .

Reading writing and arithmetic victorian
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