Write a decimal and fraction equivalent to two hundred fifty-three thousandths

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Math Computation Skills & Strategies Level 5 (Math Computation Skills & Strategies)

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What is one hundred fifty thousandths as a decimal?

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The rationale I've heard for omitting the "and" is that in at least some circles of mathematics education (mostly primary/secondary school, what we in the US would call "K"), "and" is supposed to signify a decimal point, with the digits after the decimal read as a fraction I.


To write a fraction as a decimal, divide the numerator of the hundred fifty-three hundred-thousandths in standard form. Multiply: Divide: 0. 0. Write two hundred nine and seven thousand eighty-six hundred-thousandths in standard form.

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Introducing Hundredths

The fifth place after the decimal represents hundred thousandths. after the. In the US, I was taught that you use and when there's a decimal: = "thirteen and a half" or = "one and a third" or 1, = "one thousand three-hundred forty-five and two-hundred fifty-seven thousandths".

An interesting thing about German which makes it confusing is that the one’s place is said before the tens: einundzwanzig, which literally would be like “one and twenty”.

a) read, write, and identify the place values of decimals through thousandths; b) round decimal numbers to the nearest tenth or hundredth; and c) compare the values of two decimals through thousandths, using the symbols >.

Write a decimal and fraction equivalent to two hundred fifty-three thousandths
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