Writing a results and discussion section

Academic Phrases for Writing Results & Discussion Sections of a Research Paper

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Results & Discussion

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How to write the results and discussion

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A good strategy is to always re-read the background section of your paper after you have written up your results to ensure that the reader has enough context to understand the results [and, later, how you interpreted the results in the discussion section of your paper].

How to write the results and discussion. Michael P. Dosch CRNA MS June Results. Be happy! You’re getting there. Just a small amount of writing to go from this point. The Discussion section needs to follow from your results and relate back to your literature review.

Make sure that everything you discuss is covered in the results section. Make sure that everything you discuss is covered in the results section. When writing the discus-sion section, it is important to carefully consider all pos-Table 1.

Elements to Include in the Discussion Table 2. Things to Avoid in the Discussion Overpresentation of the results Unwarranted speculation How to. Tips for Writing a Results Section Perhaps the best way to use the results section is to show the most relevant information in the graphs, figures and tables.

The text, conversely, is used to direct the reader to those, also clarifying any unclear points. Strategy for Writing the Results Section. 4. Frequently asked questions (FAQs). Top of Page. Things to consider as you write your Results section: The body of the Results section is a text-based presentation of the key findings which includes references to each of the Tables and Figures.

The text should guide the reader through your results.

Writing a results and discussion section
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